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Factor Hispano – a weekly radio show by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver.

Connecting The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce with Colorado’s Spanish speaking community.


Factor Hispano’s last interview with Patsy Landaveri from Noble Energy - 


FH - Where are you from and what do you do?


Patsy - My name is Patsy Landaveri and I'm from Peru. I moved to the United the States for school.

I’ve worked in the oil industry for almost 4 years and in the energy industry for 10 years. My main focus is on social investment, communications, and volunteer opportunities.


FH - What is the most valuable thing you have experienced with Noble Energy?


Patsy - What I like most about my work is that I get to see the direct impact we have on our community. To help Colorado to move forward, teamwork is necessary. We work with many non-profit organizations to help the neediest segments in Colorado. We focus on 3 areas, education and leadership programs, environmental and health programs.

For example, we support the Hispanic Chamber’s Foundation with the leadership program. This program supports individuals in our community who have the necessary tools to lead our state.

I am also part of the board of directors of the Hispanic Chamber’s Foundation. Which has a mission to promote educational programs, economic advancement and leadership in our community.

FH - What do you value most about organizations like the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce? 


Patsy -The Hispanic population is the fastest growing in Colorado, the chamber helps entrepreneurs do business, either by offering classes or with events that promote business.

The Hispanic Chamber helps organizations like Noble Energy make Colorado a good state to do business with. It is important that small, medium and large companies operate in a collaborative environment where work, infrastructure and a growth in the environment are created. Colorado has a long history of collaboration and the role of the Hispanic Chamber is very important for political representatives, different industries and the people of Colorado to work together in moving Colorado forward.


FH - Tell me your story, how do you get into this type of business and

How have you achieved your goals with this company?


Patsy - I moved to Colorado in 2007 to study I started working at an electric power company. My dream was always to work with children and now that is part of my job.



FH - Tell us more about how the Energy Industry impacts our Community?


Patsy - The energy industry in Colorado has operated here for several decades. With active technological advances that were previously not economic, now we can work efficiently in Colorado. Operations in the state of Colorado are mostly in Greeley and the western state.


According to the results of a study in 2014:

● This activity generates - more than 100,000 jobs

● $ 7.6 trillion in salaries

● 31.7 billion in economic growth

● In 2012, royalties to landowners totaled $ 614 million


The United States is one of the top producers of oil and natural gas and Colorado is # 7 within the country.

Since Colorado generates its own energy and we must import it, the cost of our energetic electric is 23% less than in the rest of the country. For small businesses, affordable energy prices are very important for products made of oil such as Heating and gas stoves.


FH - What has been one of your projects with your company that you liked the most?


Pasty - Volunteer programs as in our 85th anniversary, it is important for me to support our youth. We work with several organizations that support our students including DPS, DCPA, MCC.


FH - How do you see the future of energy in this State?


Pasty - With the use of modern technology we can extract the resource with minimal impact and in a more efficient way. The use of natural gas is very important for our state. It is a cleaner resource because it helps reduce carbon levels in the environment. At the same time, natural gas is a great complement to the use of renewable energy. With the use of integrated systems, we can consolidate equipment and minimize gas emissions. For example, with one of our programs we have cut equivalent emissions to remove 66,000 vans for 10 years.

FH - Thank you for being a wonderful guest! What would you like to tell our community?


Patsy - if you want to get involved as a community and learn from one of the great riches of our state, natural gas and oil.  Visit, for more information.

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